iPhone Block Number

Blocking incoming calls is an important feature that many people desire to have on their cell phones. Sometimes telemarketers get hold of a person’s mobile phone number. Telemarketer phone calls are quite annoying. The individual may also want to block an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend from making annoying calls as well. Whatever the person’s reason is for wanting to stop someone’s calls, there is a way. Fortunately, the iPhone block number feature is available. It is very easy to use if the individual would like to take the time to learn the process.

How to Block Calls on an iPhone?

Some cell phone carriers may have iPhone block number options through their servers, but other providers may not. Fortunately, many applications will assist the cell phone user in blocking annoying unwanted calls. The best thing the user can do is complete a search for call blocking applications and find the one that has the desired features. One of the applications an individual can use to block calls is iBlacklist. The individual must install the application to his or her device. Once the application is in place, blocking calls is a matter of learning the software.

The application will not just block unwanted calls. The user may also prevent parties from sending text messages as well. Once he or she receives an undesired call, that person will simply add the party to the block list or “black list.” The program will disallow any calls or text messages from that person. The user will have several options for how the program handles the call. The options include sending the caller straight to voicemail or completely ignoring the call altogether. Some applications will give the unwanted caller a busy signal. Call blocking applications are excellent because they give the user an option other than changing his or her cell phone number.

iPhone block

It can be very annoying receiving text messages from spammers or from numbers that you don’t know. Your lives are busy enough as they are, and when you receive a message or a call you sometimes drop everything you are doing in case it is an emergency, only to find out it is just another spam message. You want the calls to stop coming from those unknown or strange numbers and the marketing text messages to stop coming to your iPhone, but do you know really know how to enforce an iPhone block on these numbers?

You can have an iPhone block on numbers from sending you texts and emails by going through AT&T’s Web site. iPhone is carried by AT&T and by visiting the following URL you can set up and list any numbers you would want to block: http://mymessages.wireless.att.com. A lot of times spammers are actually sending you emails that come as texts because they use your email address (your phone number @ txt.att.net). Here you can resolve spam emails.

Blocking calls from certain numbers is not as simple, but just as possible. AT&T offers a solution called Smart Limits which can limit the number of receivable calls. Other than that, you can try contacting the numbers that are you calling you to have your number added to the Do Not Call List. It is unlawful for spammers to continue calling you once you have shown that you disapprove of it. There are apps you can install on an iPhone to block individual numbers, but unfortunately sometimes this involves jail-breaking your phone, which is not recommended. You don’t have to live with getting annoying calls and text messages, there are ways out of it!